“Things do not change; we do” - Henry David Thoreau


Coaching means delivering high-performance, measurable results. It is a complex process, typically requiring a best business partnership with customers and coaches.

Historically, the coaching process has been more coach-oriented in focus, rather than based on a unique method.

What the current high quality, results-oriented single coaching approach needs is a more centralized reporting system, KMS (Key Measurement Systems) measuring, and greater standardization to improve outcomes for customers and coaches alike.

The goal is always to give our customers a comprehensive experience with the most user-friendly coaching software on the market. We have now developed the next generation of coaching management software, which manages the entire
coaching process online.


Auxilium Global Services® (powered by CoachingLogic®) is a simple to use, straight-forward business application that includes coaching control, quality services and greater value to our customers as an integral part of the way it works. Once logged into any part of the system, access to coaching, reports, messages, and questionnaires, etc. is easy for all those involved. Auxilium Global Services® CoachingLogic® replaces the multitude of uncontrolled KMS reports with a centralized web-based system that enables streamlined sharing with customers.

Coaches enter their findings against customer-defined answers to produce KMS and other user-to-user reports. All findings are tracked until they are closed out, maintaining a complete coaching history throughout the coaching process.

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